Why Hibiscus Health?

Cardiometabolic diseases represent the biggest yet preventable risks to the health of your workforce. Through tech-enabled diagnostic tools and a personalized care navigation program, we deliver improved engagement, health and cost savings for your organization.

Understand population health risks in 30 seconds

Our next-gen platform leverages the latest in AI and facial scanning technology to quickly assess an employee’s unique risk factors.

Offer the right care, tailored to the individual

We use a digital twin to predict which care option will yield the greatest success. We guide participants to the right care, based on unique insights captured from the face scan

Increase engagement with health benefits programs

Hibiscus Health works alongside existing point solutions and amplifies engagement and cost savings by guiding individuals to programs designed to yield successful health outcomes.

Enjoy easy implementation and claims billing

Low PEPM billed through claims, plus seamless integration with existing vendor ecosystem make working with Hibiscus Health easy.

Hibiscus Health

Minimize risk.
Maximize health.
Extend life.

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